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RGC Metal Rolling and Bending.

Section Rolling Capacity

We currently have 3 section rolling machines with the following capacity.....

10 NB up to & including 100 NB pipe,

6mm up to & including 101 OD tube,

16mm x 16mm up to & including 100mm x 100mm Angle Toe out,

16mm x 16mm up to & including 90mm x 90mm Angle toe in,

38mm x 25mm up to & including 100mm x 50mm RHS on edge / hard way,

38mm x 25mm up to & including 150mm x 50mm RHS on flat / easy way,

12mm x 12mm up to & including 90mm x 90mm SHS,

12mm x 3mm up to & including 100mm x 25mm Flat Bar on edge / hard way,

12mm x 3mm up to & including 200mm x 16mm Flat Bar on flat / easy way,

75mm Channel up to & including 180mm Channel on toe in / out.

We can also customised orders for any of the following....

Rolled angle and flat bar flanges made to order form 150mm dia up, these can be matched drilled as required.

Helical & Pancake coils in mild steel, stainless, aluminium, brass & copper tube & pipe.

Spiral staircase & handrail

Our years of experienced allow us to section roll & mandrel bend the same item in one complete piece in most cases.
Section Rolling
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